• Signature Events


    The Crookston Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a fun Celebration Night each year to celebrate the dedication and commitment of our business talent, the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within our business community, and the volunteerism in our organization. This year's event will be done differently to practice social distancing. More info to come!



    Large Business of the Year

    Crookston boasts a number of area businesses and industries with some of them enjoying global recognition and respect for excellence in products and services. Employing 50 or more people and being in operation for a minimum of year in either a manufacturing or non-manufacturing role, these firms play a leading role in solidly positioning our community in the marketplace. They provide employment, stability and an enhanced quality of life for many Crookston and area residents. Specific criteria for the award include: significant increase in revenue, addition of new technology, progressive human resource policies, new or expanded facilities, environmental commitment, workforce has grown, committed training culture, innovative marketing strategy or new market development, and community involvement.


    Small Business of the Year

    Small businesses are vital to our community. This award recognizes a local, non-manufacturing business of less than 50 employees which has been in business for at least five years. Recognition in addition to the general criteria mentioned above for exemplified progress in building economic opportunities for our community. Specific criteria that will be considered for this award includes: unique marketing strategy and success, community involvement, and exceptional, informed customer service.


    Entrepreneur of the Year

    The entrepreneur takes a vision and turns it into reality. This award recognizes a business which has developed an innovative product or a valuable new service, or one which has adapted and improved a current product or service to keep pace with the times and the needs of its clients. The business should be no more than five years old, or be one that has undergone a significant shift in focus within that period of time.


    Lifetime Award

    Our business community includes a distinguished group of long standing professionals who have not only made their mark in the world of commerce, but have enriched the community at large. Specific Criteria for this award includes: long term business success, strong community involvement, demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in a changing business world, innovative business strategies, recognized business leadership as a role model.


    Volunteer of the Year

    This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding services to the Crookston Chamber of Commerce and to the community by going beyond “normal” responsibilities, creating a lasting and beneficial impact for all residents. Their commitment to the community is evident through their service and dedication while maintaining a strong business image.